PRESS: Dave Alley finishes Race Around Australia in Lismore


[av_dropcap1]W[/av_dropcap1]asserbillig/Luxembourg, OCTOBER 2015. He really did it: Policeman Dave Alley ran around Australia! All in all 13,791.27 kilometres in 175 days, 4 hours and 49 minutes at an average of 78.72km per day!

He already broke the world record on Tuesday 6 October at Kilometer 13,383 and became the fastest person to run around Australia. It took him 169 days and 15 ½ hours. Pat Farmer held the previous best mark of 174 days, set in 1999 during the Centenary of Federation Run.
After he set the new world record, Dave completed his journey back to Lismore in New South Wales where he started his journey in April. Hundreds of people welcomed him at his arrival, under others Rob Godwin from pjuractive. The gel to prevent chafing and blisters was a constant companion during Dave’s run. “The product is really incredible! I have run the equivalent of 327 marathons over 175 days, in the harshest environment in the world, with NO chafing at all – I never thought that this might be possible”, says Dave.
After breaking the record for cycling around Australia in 2011, Dave has now become the first person to have ever both cycled and run around Australia – and all for a good cause: He raises funds for the White Cloud Foundation, which works towards early intervention in depression. Dave has already raised 54.000 Australian Dollars, but his goal is to get 100.000 Dollars. If you want to support him, donate at

Dave is now participating in events like fitness and health expos and the Ironman Convention in Australia promoting pjuractive.

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