Our Payment methods and shipping


Credit Card

Payment is made easily with debiting from your credit card. We offer payment by Visa and Mastercard. Your credit card will be charged only with shipping your order.


What is PayPal?
PayPal is the online payment service that lets you pay securely, quickly and easily at online stores - and the free. Secure: Your bank or credit card details are stored only at PayPal.

Secure: Your bank or credit card details are stored only at PayPal
Simple: You pay with two clicks.
Fast: PayPal payments arrive quickly. The seller can ship the goods immediately and you get them earlier

Register and use PayPal immediately:

  • Create a PayPal account with www.paypal.com/uk/
  • Link your bank account or your credit card with your PayPal account.
  • And already you can pay with PayPal.

SOFORT Überweisung

Direct payment via online banking

Easy, comfortable and secure – without registration. Automatic data transfer and the real-time transaction notification enable a smooth payment process and a faster delivery. More information.


Delivery and shipping

Delivery and shipping costs pjur online sales

How do we deliver?


Delivery is carried out by Deutsche Post/DHL and in some cases also by UPS. Delivery outside Germany is carried out by partner companies of DHL. All offered articles are immediately ready for shipping, unless otherwise stated in the product description (the delivery term within Germany is normally one to two business days. The delivery terms outside Germany are estimated. Please refer to the list of shipping costs for these terms).

Shipping costs

As from a value of 25.00 Euros we deliver free of charge within Germany.

Germany up to 24.99 Euro 3.90 Euro 3 days
Germany from 25.00 Euro free of shipping costs 3 days
Within the EU up to 29.99 Euro 5.90 Euro 3-5 days
Within the EU from 30.00 Euro free of shipping costs 3-5 days
The rest of Europe up to 49.99 Euro 3.90 Euro 5-10 days
The rest of Europe from 50.00 Euro free of shipping costs 5-10 days


Packing station


We also send your orders within Germany to packing stations. In this case the following must be taken into consideration: Please always state the packing station information as the “differing delivery address” when ordering.

Deliveries to packing stations are only forwarded by DHL. Delivery to packing stations may take longer than normal shipping.


Transportation damages

Please pay attention to the following procedure:
Despite all accuracy, the delivery may be damaged during transportation. In this case we will self-evidently refund the damaged articles free of charge.

Complaints about transportation damages must be immediately made to the forwarder (DHL/UPS) at receipt of the goods. You must subsequently inform us about any transportation damage detected. Should you wish to return the goods, please inform us by email, fax or telephone in advance.

Thank you very much for your understanding and your cooperation.