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NO MORE blisters! NO MORE chafing! Say goodbye to pain – Say goodbye to blister plasters

Don't you just hate that burning pain that stays with you for weeks on end? And don't you get angry at yourself for not doing anything to prevent it?
It's time to put an end to all of this! We prevent pain.

We know exactly how you feel:
The party was perfect, the gala fantastic, the sporting event totally amazing and the working day was a success. But then: Bleeding blisters, chafed skin, open wounds. It makes us shudder just to think about it. So we decided that enough was enough and developed pjuractive – for all day-to-day and sporting activities.

Preventative skin protection! - That's our solution for you

Take a look and see for yourself.

25 years of pjur – 1995–2020 – quarter of a century

How does

pjuractive work?

Do you suffer from friction or chafing on your body?

Reibung oder Scheuerstellen am Körper?

We've all experienced this problem either at work, in day-to-day life or in our free time: Sometimes our passion, will, ambition or just the strain we put ourselves under is stronger than our skin. This can lead to open wounds and extremely irritating pain that can stop us from feeling good, having fun and achieving our goals.

Prevention is crucial

Vorbeugen statt Wundversorgung

Stop the pain before it starts. Apply our products beforehand and stop pain in its tracks! Simply apply to the areas you want to protect and you're done. The product immediately creates a strong, invisible protective film that lasts an extremely long time and allows your skin to breathe.

Move without pain!

Bewege dich ohne Schmerzen!

The protective film prevents rubbing. pjuractive products eliminate any risk of chafing, whether from clothing, shoes or your own skin – making open wounds and blister plasters a thing of the past.

The benefits

compared with blister plasters

That's easy to answer: Our products eliminate pain and save you money!

Many people simply accept blisters and chafing as part of life and use blister plasters to treat these open and very painful wounds. Usually, the results aren't ideal. Blister plasters are visible and they are not water or sweat resistant. This causes them to peel off and become a new source of friction and skin damage.

Blister plasters are also expensive. Our products cost less than EUR 0.01 per application (2 x 2 cm). A blister plaster costs around 80 times more on average.

It doesn't have to be this way. pjuractive can solve this problem using nurturing additives such as vitamin E and argan oil.

Blister plaster
Wax sticks
Protects against blisters
Protects against rubbing
Does not clog pores
Resistant to sweat
Applicable everywhere
Lasts for hours
Does not stain
here it goes to 2SKIN

when doing sports

No more pain!

Bend before

in everyday life

here it goes to mySKIN

Our promise

of quality

Outstanding skin compatibility and quality are at the heart of everything we do. This is our promise to you!

All of our products are subject to numerous quality tests – these are carried out internally, externally and by different organizations. And we think we have an excellent track record here. Test our products and see for yourself.

  • Breathable
  • Does not clog pores
  • Resistant & ultra long lasting
  • Water & sweat resistant
  • Safe for wetsuits and multifunctional clothing
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Easy & precise application
  • Ideal for hot & cold conditions
  • Protects without disturbing
  • For all body regions
  • Perfect for on the go
  • Different product sizes


Your questions

Can I use pjuractive on any part of my body?

Yes. Our products can be used on any part of the body where you experience chafing or sore areas of skin. We have special products for everyday activities, leisure time and even for extreme athletes.

How quickly do the products take effect?

The products do not need any time to dry. The protective film forms as soon as you apply them and you can immediately put on your shoes and/or clothes.

Does continuous silicone use damage the skin? Can any side-effects occur?

When developing 2SKIN , pjuractive devoted a great deal of attention to optimum skin friendliness. The ingredients used are of carefully selected quality and purity and have undergone numerous tests during product development. 2SKIN is dermatologically tested and certified. As a result, we are not aware of any side-effects.

What is pjuractive?

The gel is primarily made up of medical silicone. This is completely harmless and means that both mySKIN and 2SKIN can be manufactured without any preservatives. Silicone remains on the surface of the skin. It is not absorbed by the body and allows the skin to breathe. As a result, the protective film remains on your skin even if you sweat or get wet.

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Profilbild Elmar Sprink

Elmar Sprink – heart transplant recipient, triathlete and IRONMAN finisher

"I received a heart transplant in 2012 and have already successfully completed three IRONMAN competitions with my new heart as well as the CAPE Epic in South Africa and the Transalpine Run. I have a lot of scars on my upper body from many operations. In the past, my chest strap always chafed severely against these areas. 2SKIN has completely eliminated this problem for me, leaving me free to focus on new challenges."

Lisa Opitz

Lisa Opitz – (33) from Bremen, Germany

"mySKIN has made me fall back in love with high heels! Every pair of high heels I owned used to rub somewhere, causing blisters and bruising. I almost gave up wearing them entirely. mySKIN has changed all of that. I love my shoes and would leave them on all day if I could!"

Profilbild Elmar Sprink

Robby Clemens – extreme athlete & motivational trainer

"I am currently running from the North to the South Pole and have been completely blown away by 2SKIN. The wax and tallow I used to use freezes at -30°C and clumps together really badly. 2SKIN stays at exactly the right consistency, making it the perfect product for my run!"

Nathalie Ellberger

Nathalie Ellberger – (28) from Salzburg, Austria

"I always used to suffer from chafing on my thighs, especially in summer. I tried everything, including Vaseline and powder. Nothing helped. Now, thanks to mySKIN, I can wear skirts again at long last and look forward to warm weather in the summer because it's even resistant to sweat and water ;)"

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