PRESS: pjuractive 2SKIN is sponsor of Christian Kramer


Wasserbillig/Luxembourg, MARCH 2016. Triathlete Christian Kramer and pjuractive 2SKIN are now working together. As spokesperson for 2SKIN, Christian Kramer represents a product that delivers extraordinary benefits for endurance athletes and triathletes in particular. 2SKIN is a new gel to prevent chafing and blistering. Immediately after application, it reinforces the skin’s cell structure and distributes the stress and pressure on the skin over a larger surface area. It allows the skin to keep breathing and offers the perfect support to every athlete during training sessions and competitions.

Christian Kramer on the new partnership: “As a triathlete, the newly developed 2SKIN offers me a high degree of added value, as the skin is under a lot of stress after 35 hours of training. I am looking forward to what I hope will be plenty of shared success as well as another successful qualification for Hawaii 2016.”

pjuractive is also looking forward to the collaboration: “Christian Kramer is a world class triathlete and we are very pleased to be able to sponsor this successful athlete, who is able to complete the IRONMAN in under 8 hours,” said Elisabeth Dahmen, Global PR Coordinator at pjuractive.

About Christian Kramer:

Christian Kramer is a professional German athlete from Leipzig and multiple participant in the IRONMAN WM in Kona, Hawaii. With his best time at 07:54:31, Christian Kramer belongs to an elite circle of athletes able to finish the IRONMAN in under 8 hours. In the 2016 season, he will be competing once again in the triathlon national league for “BIKE24 TriTeam Middle Germany” and is aiming for a new top ranking qualification for this year’s Ironman World Championship.

About pjuractive 2SKIN:

Immediately after applying it to the thighs, forearms, nipples or other affected areas, pjuractive 2SKIN forms an invisible protective film on the skin. It immediately reinforces the skin’s cell structure and distributes the stress and pressure on the skin over a larger surface area. This increases protection against chafing, blistering or other unpleasant skin irritations. And unlike conventional creams and sticks, your skin remains breathable! 2SKIN has been dermatologically tested, is free of skin weakening emulsifiers and is water and sweat resistant.

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