Some Considerations When Doing a Kettlebell Workout


Doing a kettlebell workout has a number of benefits to offer. Not only do kettlebells offer the traditional benefits of using dumbbells but also challenge grip, positioning and balance all at once. What makes kettlebells different from other weighted workouts is that the weight of the kettlebell rests beneath its handle making it more challenging to control than traditional weights. As a result you will find that all aspects from your grip to your core need to work harder when using a kettlebell.

Kettlebell workouts are also very versatile and can easily be manoeuvered to do explosive exercises that target major muscle groups, be used in moves that burn body fat as well as create workouts that include classic moves like flys and chest presses. When compared to standard dumbbell moves, kettlebell workouts engage extra muscle activity making you burn more calories and develop lean muscle faster.

The Right Approach to Kettlebell Workout Training

Kettlebell training is an extremely strenuous workout that needs full attention. If it is going to be combined with any other type of activity or sport then a better approach is to do kettlebell training first and then engage in another activity. Doing the kettlebell workout first allows the individual to get most results rather than coming to this type of activity already fatigued. Being unfocused and tired before doing the kettlebell workout will not allow you to get the most out of your workout and may also result in unwanted injury.

Given the aggressive demand of kettlebell training, it is also important that the moves are learnt and practiced properly. Most kettlebell workout moves are very specific and need to be executed correctly. To get better results, here are some safety tips to consider when working out with kettlebells:

Safe Kettlebell Workout Techniques

For newcomers to kettlebell workouts, the most important thing to consider is safety. If you have never worked out with kettlebells before, know that it is slightly more involved than simply lifting weights. Since many of the moves in a kettlebell workout involve a lot of swinging, you need to be sure that you are handling the kettlebell properly to prevent any injury.

A good suggestion is to start off with a lighter weight and see if the size is right for you. Once you find the right sized kettlebell, there are a number of different exercises you can try to suit your level and skills.

Another thing to remember is that kettlebell workouts are a type of dynamic and unique training program that needs strength, coordination, motor control stability and mobility among other performance components. It requires doing the exercise the right way, which makes the training not only very safe but also very effective.

Workout in Ample Space

Among considerations regarding kettlebell workouts, space is an important one. Since the kettlebells are heavy implements, they have the potential to hurt the user if used incorrectly. Swinging moves require that there is sufficient room in the workout area so it is a practical measure to work out in an area where there are no obstructions close by. Outdoor workouts are a good idea as long as the surface is even and not too slippery. Indoors, working on a rubber mat can work equally well.

Pay Attention to Your Grip                                                                       

If you feel that the kettlebell is about to drop from your grip during a move, let it. Do not try to catch the equipment in an awkward position or you could get seriously hurt. The worst scenario is a damaged floor which is still better than hurting yourself. A lot of the time beginners may lose their grip on the kettlebell as they may have trained to the point of exhaustion. Avoid doing this and know when to stop. The point of the kettlebell workout is to get desired benefits but without putting your safety in jeopardy.

Good Form Is Important

Since kettlebells are weighty implements, it is important to have good form when lifting or swinging them. When lifting a kettlebell off the floor make sure that your back is arched and not rounded while also trying to keep your shoulders back and square. Rounding the shoulders forward can result in injury since this position exerts smaller muscle to do the job that larger muscles should be doing. On the other hand, keeping shoulders back helps maintain a better workout posture allowing you to utilise maximum strength when doing the kettlebell workout.

Engage Your Wrists

Wrist positioning plays an important part in a kettlebell workout. Maintaining a proper angle in the wrists when working out with kettlebells will prevent chances of injury. You will want to keep your wrists straight without bending them so that there is no extra strain felt when doing kettlebell moves. Most basic exercises require the wrist to be kept straight, so make it a practice to keep your wrists engaged during the exercise.

Align Your Head and Neck Properly

All forms of exercise demand proper alignment between the head and the spine and kettlebell workouts are no exception. To help your posture, balance the neck and head so that it is neither too far forward nor backward. Instead keep the head aligned well with the body so that when you bend over forward, your posture does not strain any part of the body unnecessarily. Do not bend too far or too deep in any direction.

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