PRESS: Salomon Zugspitz Ultratrail 2015 with pjuractive


Wasserbillig/Luxembourg, JUNE 2015. This year’s Salomon Zugspitz Ultratrail Race was once again a spectacular event: Runners competed on five different courses through the Wetterstein mountains in southern Germany last weekend. Starting with the Basetrail (25 kilometers and a climb of 1,566 meters) all the way to the Ultratrail (100 kilometers and a climb of 5,420 meters), the event provided the perfect course for trailrunning enthusiasts of every stripe. This year’s winner of the Ultratrail event was Michael Arend from Kempten, Germany, who completed the course in an amazing 9:44:08. The fastest woman was Simona Morbelli of Italy, finishing in 11:11.13.

Almost 2,000 finishers from 50 countries remained decidedly upbeat despite the rain and poor visibility. Sebastian Apfelbacher, who came fifth in the men’s Supertrail XL race (78.5 kilometers with a climb of 4,106 meters), was absolutely thrilled with the support from the samples of pjuractive included in the starter bags. “Every race is easier thanks to pjuractive, and in extremely challenging races like this one, the support I get from pjuractive 2SKIN is essential. Running for hours on end through the mountains in severe conditions, and encountering non-stop rain, mud, water and snow, places great demands on your endurance and willpower, and especially on your feet. To counteract all that, I used 2SKIN from pjuractive: And I didn’t get any blisters or chafing, over the entire course – that’s quite amazing,” Sebastian enthused.

Sebastian applied 2SKIN all over his feet, and it offered optimum protection against moisture and mud – and he used pjuractive 2SKIN on all the other sensitive areas of the skin that are prone to chafing, such as the thighs and armpits.

About pjuractive

Immediately after application, pjuractive 2SKIN forms an invisible protective film on the skin of the thighs, forearms, feet or hands. The film reinforces the cell structure of the skin and distributes high pressure and strain over larger areas. This increases protection against chafing, blisters, or other uncomfortable skin irritations. Unlike other creams and sticks, it allows your skin to breathe. pjuractive 2SKIN is dermatologically tested, free of skin-weakening emulsifiers, and water and sweat resistant.

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