Everyday Chafing—When It Can Occur and What Actually Helps

Everyday Chafing—When It Can Occur and What Actually Helps

We all know what it’s like to have chafed skin or blisters on our feet—all the painful result of skin rubbing against skin or against clothes. While some people think it’s only sportsmen and sportswomen who suffer from chafing and blisters, there are also plenty of situations in everyday life that can result in these unpleasant symptoms. In this article, we reveal the everyday situations when you should use a pjuractive product in future to make sure you don’t have any chafing in the first place.

What is chafing anyway?

The term chafing is used to describe what happens when two patches of skin or skin and clothes rub against one another so severely that the skin becomes irritated. Sometimes, it can even result in open sores or blisters forming. Once a sore like this has formed, it is painful for days and may become swollen, inflamed, and itchy. Endurance athletes in particular frequently have to contend with the effects of chafing, and must then start by taking a break from their training for a few days. Yet chafing and blisters are something we often have to deal with in everyday life, too.

Everyday situations when chafing can occur

The solution to chafing and blisters—pjuractive mySKIN

Many people have no idea how many situations can lead to chafing in everyday life:

  • The strap on your handbag: We women always carry one, no matter what, lugging them around with us everywhere we go—our handbags. And it’s not just women, either—a lot of men now have shoulder bags that they take with them to meetings or to work. Depending on how long you’re carrying your bag around, the strap can irritate your skin. In the worst-case scenario, this can lead to chafing as well.
  • Long shopping trips: Long shopping trips will usually last several hours, if not the whole day. So there are plenty of different parts of the body that can suffer thanks to intense rubbing. Whether it’s your thighs constantly rubbing in a short skirt or shorts as you walk along, the ballerinas or sandals you’re wearing, which leave you with sore pressure marks—or in the worst case even blisters—on your feet, or the strap of your handbag continually rubbing against the same area of skin—when you spend hours shopping, chafing is virtually inevitable.
  • A new pair of heels: It’s a problem we women know all too well: put on those fantastic new heels that we’ve just treated ourselves to, and you can bet we’ll end up with blisters and painful pressure marks. Whether it’s because the shoes are just a little tight in a few places, because they just need wearing in a little first, or because we’ve simply been on our feet far too much, meaning that there are a lot of potential areas where they can chafe. The end result is usually a blister—and there goes that new pair of heels for a start ☹
  • Dancing all night long: Even though we know what will happen, we still wear our favorite high heels when we go out on the town. So when we dance the night away, our feet in particular take a real punishing—and you’ll be hard pushed to find any women who can make it home without any painful pressure marks, chafed skin, or blisters on their feet.
  • Doing the gardening: Chafing always occurs when we carry out the same movement over and over again. This can happen when we’re gardening, too—whether we’re cutting the garden hedge, weeding, or mowing the lawn.
  • Your underwear: Everyone wants a bra that fits perfectly, and panties that are a perfect fit, too. Yet often our underwear will pinch or dig in somewhere. So when we make the same movements over and over again, even our underwear can cause sore patches. Sometimes it can be a woman’s nipples that suffer from chafing, too—and that can also be down to our underwear.

The solution to chafing and blisters—pjuractive mySKIN

People have come up with some utterly absurd ways of preventing rubbing. Some swear by baby powder, others reach for shapewear if they increasingly suffer from thigh chafing, and yet others renounce high heels, short skirts, or shorts altogether. Yet these can hardly be good solutions. Here at pjuractive, we came to that conclusion ourselves, too—which is why we launched our mySKIN. This invisible anti-chafing gel protects the skin before rubbing even starts. It can be applied to any areas of skin—wherever any of the situations above take their toll. Immediately after applying the gel, a protective film forms that prevents skin rubbing against other skin or against your clothes. So it provides protection before the chafing can even start. It also contains nourishing argan oil and natural vitamin E, is vegan and free from preservatives, and won’t leave marks on your clothes. mySKIN protects from the moment it is applied and lasts for hours. So it’s perfect for long shopping trips, a night out dancing, or spending time in that new pair of heels.

Chafing and blisters shouldn’t hold you back anymore. Our pjuractive mySKIN will protect you and keep you pain-free. Try it for yourself!

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