Running Socks: Why Every Runner Should Have them

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Running socks: every runner should have a good pair of them. Running socks are specifically designed with synthetic fibers in order to help give you the added comfort and support you need. Running socks also help to protect your feet. They can reduce your risk of developing painful calluses and blisters.

Running Socks Are Just As Important As Running Shoes

Just because you are a runner should not mean you have to suffer from and endure uncomfortable, painful foot ailments such as blisters, black toenails and calluses. As a runner, your feet take a lot more pounding than those of non-runners. However, just because you put a lot more miles on your feet than the average person does, does not mean you have to accept any of these common foot ailments as a part of the running equation.

Of course, it’s a widely known fact that wearing the right running shoes and making sure they fit your feet well is important for every serious runner; however, contrary to what some people might believe, ensuring that you have a good pair of running socks to wear along with your running shoes is just as important. Running socks should not be considered as “just and afterthought.” There can be a big difference between wearing just “any old sock” for running, even if you are wearing a good running shoe. So why is it that the average person will spend hours of their time in a shoe store trying on several different pairs of running shoes, while looking for the best fit and feel and the best-performing shoe, but tend to assume that any old pair of socks will suit them just fine?

Benefits of Wearing the Proper Running Socks

In order to maintain good foot health, it is very important to wear the best running socks for your feet. It is a fact that any sock will give you some type of comfort and protection; however, the best socks for running are the ones that are specifically designed for runners. Running socks designed with some of the latest synthetic fibers will offer your feet the best in comfort as well as protection, and they will help to control the flow of moisture off of your foot.

You do not want to ever wear cotton socks for running. Cotton socks offer no moisture control whatsoever. In fact, cotton socks actually absorb moisture and keep it retained directly against your feet. If you do choose to run in socks made from cotton, you will very likely end up with sweaty, wet and soggy feet. The combination of the moisture and friction can result in irritating calluses and blisters, all of which can be easily avoided. Whether you buy cotton or not: to prevent chafing and blistering, use pjuractive 2SKIN and perform pain-free!

What to Look For In a Running Sock

As a runner, you want to look for running socks that are made from synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers are best for “wicking” the moisture off of your feet. They can actually help keep your feet drier whenever you are running. When your feet are dry, it helps to avoid the friction between your feet and your shoes, ultimately reducing the chance of developing painful blisters and/or calluses on your feet.

The term “wicking” means the running sock literally pulls the moisture away from your feet and transfers it to the outside of your shoe. For example, a good pair of trail running socks designed with breathable yarns can effectively perform this action because it does not hold on to the significant amount moisture that your feet produce whenever you are running.

Just like any other active athlete, runners tend to sweat a lot. The hotter the weather is and the harder you run, the more profusely you will sweat. Sweating is how your body naturally cools itself, and whenever you run, a large amount of the sweat ends up directly in your socks. This is because the human body has literally millions of sweat glands all over it. However, your palms and the soles of your feet have the highest concentration of these sweat glands. Although some people do tend to have sweaty palms, your feet are clearly the heaviest sweaters on your body. This is the reason why running socks eliminate this moisture before it begins to build up in your shoes.

Another important factor to consider whenever you are deciding on a good pair of running socks is: fit. There are certain types of running socks that will fit you better than others. It can be a good idea to try a few different types of running socks on whenever you are out shopping for a pair. Many stores will have sample pairs of running socks and you can try them on with your favorite running shoes.  This will help you match up the best type of running socks to fit well with your favorite running shoes.

Running socks come in many different sizes, brands and types. You can choose a length and level of thickness in a running sock that is right for you. You want to make sure that your running socks fit well with your running shoes for that added extra comfort and support.

How do you choose your socks? Please share you recommendations in the comments below!

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