Padded Sports Bras: How Female Athletes Benefit!

Gepolsterte Sport-BHs wie weibliche Athleten davon profitieren

Padded Sports Bras: the old notion that women do not sweat but glisten could not be further from the truth. Today’s female athlete engages in fitness routines as grueling as her male counterpart does. Padded sports bras can give her the support she needs to sustain rigorous physical activity while maintaining a feminine form.

Why Padded Sports Bras?

Most women agree that a bra is a necessity for exercise. However, many are not aware of the added benefits a sports bra can do for their comfort and health. Bras in general are designed to hold the breasts in place, keep them from bouncing and maintain a near uniform look underneath the top garment. Sports bras provide added support during activities that place additional strain and pull on the chest area and that may otherwise cause discomfort and pain during and after the activity has ceased.

The Sports Bra Difference

Sports bras, in general, have more fabric than regular bras. The material is often thicker and more durable, enhancing the bra’s ability to hold up the breasts. The fabric may be better at removing sweat and moisture away from the body to help keep it cool. Sports bras cover more of the breast area, from the top of the chest line to the sides of the breast and around the rib cage. They contain pads or additional fabric in several areas, including the cups, straps and hook and eye area designed to reduce friction and minimize discomfort to the skin if the bra should move slightly during physical activity. Like standard bras, sports bras are specialized based on the activity and breasts of the woman. Females with larger breasts may find those with a clasp in the back give more support than pullover bras. Some companies may go to greater lengths to note the types of activities the bra is best suited for on the label. Finally, a sports bra is designed to fit snugly to do the best job of keeping the breasts supported and in place.

Encapsulation versus Compression

Sports bras provide two functions in greater intensity than regular bras. Those functions are encapsulation and compression. Encapsulation refers to covering the breast and is accomplished by the bra cup itself. This reducing bouncing of the breast. Compress refers to pressing the breast against the chest and ribcage and is designed to provide support. There are sports bras with designs that provide either enhanced encapsulation, compression or both. Women with smaller breasts (sizes A or B cup) and those who engage in low-impact activities may do well with a sports bra that compresses alone. Larger breasted women and those participating in high-impact exercises such as jogging may benefit from a bra with encapsulation features. Women with larger breasts are usually advised to purchase a sports bra containing with both encapsulation and compression.

Padded and Push Up Sports Bras


A padded or push up sports bra provides the same benefits as a regular padded or push up bra with the additional benefits of encapsulation and compression. Bras with pads and push up features do several things for the breast line, the most noticeable benefit being adding to the bust. A padded bra can give the appearance of larger breasts, sometimes as much as one additional cup size. Attractiveness and sensuality is still important to many female athletes and many enjoy the idea of their breast appearing fuller. This may be especially true in an environment where they wish to feel fashionable, such as a gym with men and other women. Many females are fine to exercise in plain Ts and sweats, but some see fitness as a time to display that they are as individuals. The desire for designer spandex, matching shoes and hair ties that accent the entire outfit by no means take away athleticism and strength of the female or her seriousness for physical fitness or competition. A sports bra with padding that enhances her bust line gives her the satisfaction of feeling sensual, providing a confidence booster anywhere she chooses to exercise.


The padded sport bra aids in achieving a uniform look in the chest area. This may be especially useful to women who wear light colored tops or whose clothing may become wet from excessive sweat or outdoor conditions. The pad provides an extra layer between the top and the breast, reducing the chance of the entire breast or a portion such as the nipple, being visible.

Extra Comfort

Women who find their breasts sensitive may benefit from a sports bra with padding. If in the past, a bra has presented pain or irritation, padding may relieve the problem. Pads are not only present in the cup area, but may also be found on the shoulder straps and ribcage bands. If pads will not help with skin irritation, or if you do not feel comfortable with them, use pjuractive 2SKIN to prevent chafing in any situation!

Additional Support

Push up sports bras provide even more support than sports bras without these features. This support is often found in the form of underwires. These are ideal for women with larger breasts. For optimum comfort, the underwire section should be padded or contain some sort of additional protective layer around the wire.

How do you cope with this problem when doing sports? Please help other women by sharing your experience in the comments below!

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