The problem

blisters & chafing

Everyone knows the problems of sports or leisure time: sometimes the activity load is simply stronger than our skin. The result are open wounds, blisters and pain.

The solution

stop blisters before they start!

Put an end to friction and chafing – say goodbye to blister plasters

2SKIN prevents chafing! Does your chest strap chafe? Do your new hiking shoes rub or did you get another blister while running? Enough is enough! You can prevent these injuries with 2SKIN. Simply apply for effective protection.

What’s more, 2SKIN does not stain, it is dermatologically tested and can be used with functional sportswear fabric and wetsuits.

  • Durable, invisible protective film
  • Ultra long lasting, does not block the pores
  • Breathable, water & sweat resistant

2SKIN is suitable for daily use and provides ultra long lasting protection, even under harsh conditions. Find out for yourself!


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How does

2SKIN work?

Problems with blisters and chafing?

Probleme mit Blasen oder Wundscheuern?

It’s a common complaint for runners, triathletes and all other sports enthusiasts: Just as you get into your stride, you start to feel chafing either from skin rubbing on skin or clothing rubbing on skin. The longer you run, ride or hike, the worse it gets – leaving you with blisters and open wounds that stop you achieving your goals.

2SKIN provides relief!

2SKIN hilft dir!

2SKIN can help you reach your goals! Simply apply a thin layer to the areas of skin you want to protect before you start your training session or activity. It immediately forms an invisible, breathable and extra-strong protective film that is resistant to water and sweat and lasts an extremely long time.

Achieve your goals! Without any pain!

Erreiche deine Ziele! Ohne Schmerzen!

The protective film prevents any friction on your skin. 2SKIN eliminates any risk of chafing, whether it's from clothing, shoes or your own skin – making open wounds and blister plasters a thing of the past.

Our promise

of quality

Outstanding skin compatibility and quality are at the heart of everything we do. This is our promise to you!

Watch the

2SKIN video

Learn how to prevent chafing and blistering from running. Look where to apply pjuractive 2SKIN ANTI-CHAFING GEL before sports in the 2SKIN video tutorials. Get even more useful tips! Visit the pjuractive youtube channel.



profile picture Kate Cheung

Kate Cheung – 2017 Translantau 100km finisher

“I got chafing either from skin rubbing on skin or clothing rubbing on skin during a long distance training or competition. In the past, I will apply a thick layer of Vaseline on my skin, however it feels no good. I have changed to pjuractive these 2 years. It's long lasting even with single application. And it is very convenient to carry the 20ml out.”

profile picture Jacky Leung

Jacky Leung – 2018 Mizuno HK Trail Championships 2nd runner up

"I got chafing on the nipple or neck at training and competition, especially under the humid weather. So I will apply pjuractive 2SKIN to relevant area before training or competition. It's silky but not sticky. It is resistant to sweat, it can last around 6 hours with single application. And it is very convenient to carry the 20ml out and apply again when necessary."

profile picture Terrence Wong

Terrence Wong – 2018 HK100 Gold Award Runner

“I have tried different anti-chafing products, pjuractive 2SKIN is the best brand I trust. No matter half marathon, full marathon or 50km, 100km and 100 miles trail running, I will definitely apply 2SKIN on the relevant area. Unlike other oil-based anti-chafing gel, pjuractive is not sticky and ultra long lasting especially for the humid weather in Hong Kong. For those marathon and trail running lovers, it worths trying it.”

profile picture Hann Kwok

Hann Kwok – TerraMar races, MultiSport Race Director

"As Race Director it is delightful to have racers ask for pjuractive 2SKIN at the checkpoint or from my 1st aiders. I believe i made the right choice choosing this brand as my anti-blister gift to the racers!"