Summer Skincare – Do Your Skin a Favor

Summer Skincare – Do Your Skin a Favor

It’s finally back again – the sun! But while we can’t get enough of it, unfortunately it isn’t always great for our skin. Whether it’s the UV rays, the sweating, or the way it dries your skin out – if you want your skin to survive the warmer months in one piece, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to summer skincare 😊

Summer skincare – some key points

Tip 1: Moisture, moisture, moisture!

And it’s important in more than one way, too.  As lovely as the sun is, it does dry the skin out. What’s more, chlorinated water or salt water is responsible for drying our skin out in summer too. Which is why it’s important to replace the moisture lost from our skin with cosmetics in the summer. Good moisturizers used in cosmetic products include glycerin, urea, hyaluron, and aloe vera. It’s also possible to replenish the skin’s lost moisture from within. That’s why it’s particularly important to drink plenty in summer. Our body needs up to a liter more than in winter to make up for the fluid lost through sweating. Since our body is mostly made up of water, that makes it another important aspect of summer skincare.

Tip 2: Beware of too much sun – opt for UV protection to guard against it

When we’re going for a swim or sunbathing on the beach, suncream is a given. But what about the UV rays bombarding our skin on a daily basis? Whether you’re going for a walk on your lunch break or having a coffee outside the nearby café – when we’re out in the fresh air, in warmer months our skin is constantly exposed to UV radiation. Too much UV radiation not only leads to saggy skin and more wrinkles, it also accelerates the aging process – and at worst, of course, can result in malignant skin changes. That’s why one of the cardinal rules of summer skincare is always: Don’t forget your sun cream! And it starts first thing in the morning with your facial skincare routine. Day creams and make-up usually contain a certain amount of UV protection, but it may not be enough. Keep an eye out to see what the sun protection factor is for the products you’re using. If it’s not high enough, it’s a good idea to apply extra suncream in summer. The fairer your skin type, the higher the SPF needs to be.

Tip 3: In summer, less is more

The hotter it gets, the more natural oils our skin produces. So when it comes to facial skincare in summer, less is more. Make sure the facial skincare products you use in summer don’t contain too many fats or oils. The moisture content and levels of mattifying substances should be high, on the other hand. So reach for lotions or gels. Rich creams aren’t a good idea in summer, however.

Tip 4: Don’t give blemishes a chance

People with naturally oily, blemish-prone skin are often faced with the problem of even more blemishes in summer due to the increase in the natural oils produced by the skin. So it’s especially important to cleanse your skin daily during the summer months to protect it from the cocktail of natural oils, sweat, and dirt.

Summer skincare – some key points

Tip 5: Fight back with antioxidants

UV rays do a lot to our bodies. Among other things, they also create oxygen molecules, also known as free radicals, which damage the skin’s cells and contribute to skin aging. So-called antioxidants can counter the effects of free radicals. So when it comes to summer skincare, you should take particular care to eat enough fruit. Berries in particular are high in antioxidants. Many cosmetic skincare products also contain antioxidants – look for the terms polyphenols or flavonoids.

You can also keep the following points in mind when it comes to summer skincare:

  • Taking a hot shower will only dry your skin out further. So it’s best to take a lukewarm shower in summer, and keep it short too.
  • There are special hydrating mists that can help you keep cool in summer. Not only are they a good way to cool off, but your skin will thank you for the extra moisture, too.
  • Whether it’s a face mask or a scrub, your skin will always be glad of a little extra TLC.
  • If you’ve been in the sea or in a swimming pool, make sure you shower straight after. That’s the only way to remove the salt or chlorine from your skin and protect it from it.
  • In summer, if you have the choice between a body lotion and body cream, you should always opt for the lotion. This is because body lotion has a higher water content, making it better able to compensate for the moisture your skin loses in the summer.
  • The midday sun in particular is extremely dangerous for your skin. So if you want to enjoy the sun, it’s best to do it in the morning or afternoon.

Our skin has completely different skincare needs in the summer months than in winter and autumn. But if you keep these summer skincare tips in mind, you can have beautiful, radiant skin and outshine the sun – even in summer 😉

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