Elmar Sprink successfully finishes the Challenge Roth triathlon and presents pjuractive 2SKIN to the visitors

Wasserbillig/Luxembourg, JULY 2019. The Challenge Roth triathlon, which was held for the 36th time on June 07, 2019, has come to a successful end not only for Elmar Sprink but for pjuractive as well. Elmar Sprink was able to finish Challenge Roth with a time of 10:42 h, and he also introduced pjuractive 2SKIN to the numerous visitors together with pjuractive’s distribution partner PERFACTS!.

Several thousand triathletes took part in the biggest long-distance triathlon on Sunday. The pjuractive brand ambassador Elmar Sprink was able to finish the competition satisfied with his performance after completing the swimming segment in 1:09 h, the cycling segment in 5:23 h, and the running segment in 3:57 h. Elmar Sprink explained, “It was great to be a part of Challenge Roth. And when I achieve great results at a competition, it makes it even more fun. Unfortunately, I lost some time with a flat back wheel. But I am still really happy with my performance. The event was very interesting for athletes not just because of the competition itself, but also because of the expo that had a wide variety of products on display. This year I was able to introduce pjuractive 2SKIN together with PERFACTS!. Hopefully, we have been able to convince a lot of visitors that athletes do not have to suffer from blisters and chafing anymore!”

On Friday, July 5, 2019, many visitors turned up to stand #69 where Elmar Sprink presented the anti-blister gel pjuractive 2SKIN, answered their questions, and explained when and where he uses the gel during his training sessions. Martin Ihnow, the CEO of PERFACTS!, added, “The visitors were happy that they had the opportunity to meet Elmar at our stand. He answered all of the visitors’ questions and I think we were able to bring home the fact that there is no reason for athletes to get blisters or chafing anymore. Just put 2SKIN on beforehand and then nothing can stand in the way of sporting success.”

About Elmar Sprink

Elmar Sprink is the fittest person with a heart transplant in the world. After Sprink received a heart transplant in 2012, he returned to the world of sports and today takes part in competitions. He has already finished several Ironman competitions. He has dedicated himself to raising more awareness on the topic of organ donors and supports the children’s ward at the Heart and Diabetes Center in Bad Oeynhausen. Sprink has been a pjuractive brand ambassador for many years.


PERFACTS! GmbH has been a pjuractive distribution partner since February 2019. PERFACTS! is an owner-run company that has been working together with sport retailers, sport associations, and large customers in Europe for 20 years.

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