Argan Oil and Vitamin E – Superfoods For Your Skin!

Argan oil and vitamin E – superfoods for your skin!

Here at pjuractive, we are very particular about our ingredients. Besides using high-quality silicone, we also add specific ingredients that are tailored to individual needs. Two ingredients that we love most are argan oil and vitamin E for the skin. Not only are they extremely valuable and unique, but they are also immensely nourishing for our skin and feet. They are actually “superfoods” for the skin. We simply need a little extra TLC, especially when our skin and feet are subjected to extreme stress due to heat, high heels or skin-tight material. Want to know why these are the very ingredients we use in pjuractive myskin anti-blister gel? We reveal all.

Argan oil for the skin – what is it?

The highly prized and expensive argan oil (French: huile d’argan) is an oil extracted from the argan fruit or argan nut of the argan tree. It is native to southwestern Morocco in the region around Agadir, where it has been cultivated for centuries using traditional methods. The valuable oil is pressed from the argan nut by hand in a special process. In contrast to other oils, this exclusive oil can only be produced within the defined region of southwestern Morocco, which explains its high price tag.

Argan oil for the skin – what is it?

Moroccans – and Moroccan women in particular – have known about the health-giving and nourishing properties of argan oil for centuries, having used it for skincare and haircare since time immemorial. Argan oil’s moisturizing properties in particular are unrivaled and have been documented in scientific studies. Argan oil is also very popular in cooking and is often used cold-pressed.

What are the benefits of argan oil?

Argan oil is a premium-quality oil and not only protects the skin from dehydration, but also helps it regenerate. What’s more, it also protects against free radicals thanks to the antioxidants in vitamin E. It stimulates cell regeneration, keeping your skin supple and firm. The oil is also notable for its ability to absorb extremely quickly. It leaves no visible traces on your skin after application and allows the epidermis to retain even more moisture without it clogging the skin’s natural barrier. Used regularly, argan oil can also improve the overall appearance of the skin and promotes cell regeneration.

Tip: Argan oil is said to have special benefits during menopause. Since the skin loses its elasticity as estrogen levels drop, the substances found in argan oil can bring relief.

In a nutshell, argan oil can therefore be said to have the following properties:

  • Extremely nourishing
  • Quick to absorb
  • Protects the skin from drying out
  • Makes the skin supple and firm

Vitamin E for the skin – what is it?

A vitamin that’s really only important in the kitchen? No, because vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and is actually an umbrella term for several lipophilic (fat-soluble) substances that have a similar structure and are particularly noted for their skincare properties. The most important lipophilic substances are tocopherols and tocotrienols. These substances protect our cells from free radicals, neutralize aggressive oxygen compounds, thereby providing an antioxidant effect before cell damage occurs. Tocopherols and tocotrienols complement each other perfectly and provide the best possible skincare. Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory qualities and promotes healing.

Vitamin E for the skin – what is it?

What are the benefits of vitamin E?

The excellent skincare properties of vitamin E can be seen even in low quantities. The antioxidants it contains boost the production of new skin cells, and it even transports moisture directly to the deeper horny layers of the epidermis. This allows the skin to retain more moisture in the long term and the skin’s natural barrier function is preserved by the vitamin E. This is especially important when the epidermis is under stress, for example when exposed to sunlight or friction and pressure. Vitamin E helps the skin to produce more new cells, repairing any damage to the skin.

Transporting the lipophilic substances tocopherols and tocotrienols into the deeper horny layers of the skin helps stimulate the skin’s own lipid synthesis. Higher levels of lipids also means your skin will retain its elasticity and be well moisturized. By increasing the skin’s moisture content, vitamin E can also prevent premature skin aging and wrinkles. And yes, of course we want the skin on our feet to look firm and fresh too ?

In a nutshell, vitamin E can be said to have the following effects:

  • Transports more moisture to the deeper layers of skin
  • Regenerates the skin
  • Contributes to skin renewal
  • Repairs cells and therefore skin damage
  • Makes the skin firm and fresh

Argan oil and vitamin E for the skin – the two superfoods in myskin anti-blister gel

Argan oil and vitamin E for the skin – the two superfoods in myskin anti-blister gel So now we know that argan oil and vitamin E are true miracle ingredients for our skin. They are exceptionally nourishing, absorb quickly, promote more moisture in deeper horny layers, regenerate skin cells and prevent skin aging. The perfect ingredients to help our feet cope with stressful situations.

Do you wish you could put an end to blisters on your feet, as well as chafing and rubbing elsewhere on your body? Then let the nourishing ingredients in our myskin anti-blister gel show you what they can do. Simply apply and the gel will do the rest!

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