Chafing Thighs – Why You Get Rubbing and What Really Helps

Chafing Thighs – Why You Get Rubbing and What Really Helps

For most of the winter, they stay hidden away, hanging in our closets – skirts and dresses. Then, as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear and the days start getting warmer, we can barely wait to start wearing them again. Yet when there is no longer any fabric between your legs to prevent the skin rubbing, many women suffer from painful chafing between the thighs. pjuractive wants you to be able to carry on enjoying wearing dresses and skirts, and that’s why we’re tackling the problem of chafing thighs! And we know what’s guaranteed to help chafing thighs, too.

Chafing thighs – the cause

The main problem is that your bare thighs rub against each other under your skirt or dress, and the result is chafed skin or even blisters. The fabric barrier that your pants provide in winter is no longer there in summer, and when the temperature rises we sweat, too. As a result, our thighs are more likely to stick to each other, which also increases the strain on our skin. And if you think it’s only a problem for women with bigger thighs, you’re wrong. Unfortunately, it’s a problem that affects the majority of women. After all, it’s not unusual for our legs and feet to become swollen in summer, and when that happens it’s inevitable that our thighs will rub.

Avoiding chafing thighs

If you search online for possible solutions for the problem of rubbing between the thighs, you will find a few options, but most involve some form of restriction:

  • Shapewear: Shapewear is actually designed to magically trim off the odd pound or two and conjure a more beautiful silhouette. Yet shapewear shorts also provide the fabric you need between your legs to stop your thighs from rubbing. If you like shapewear, this is an option that solves several problems at once. But we think women should be proud of their curves, and wearing extra shapewear shorts under a skirt or dress in the heat of summer is a little impractical, really. What do you think? ?
  • Baby powder: Sweating in summer increases the risk of rubbing even more. Baby powder can be used to combat precisely this problem. It keeps the skin dry, making your thighs feel smoother to the touch, which stops them rubbing. However, applying baby powder is usually far from easy, and you often end up with stains on your clothes. What’s more, it doesn’t last particularly long and has to be reapplied constantly.
  • Cycling shorts: Many women also wear cycling shorts under a skirt or dress to prevent their thighs rubbing. Alternatively, many also opt for slightly longer shorts, which they then wear underneath. However, shorts that are not a snug fit can also lead to rubbing. Seams or folds in the clothing can rub and therefore lead to chafing and sore patches. Anyway, we think wearing shorts also means you lose that light, airy feel that we love so much about wearing skirts!
  • Bandelettes: Bandelettes are essentially garters, which are worn on the thighs to stop the skin on your thighs from being in constant contact. This is meant to stop the problematic rubbing. But again, it’s yet more extra fabric – which is something we’re actually trying to avoid in summer…
Avoiding chafing thighs

There is another product to combat chafing thighs, which can protect against chafing and blisters without restricting you:

  • pjuractive 2SKIN: Thanks to our pjuractive 2SKIN, you don’t have to be restricted by cycling shorts, bandelettes and the like. Our anti-chafing gel is invisible, feels pleasant on the skin, and is effective for hours at a time. It also won’t leave any marks on your clothes. Simply apply to the affected areas of skin and try it out. We always carry 2SKIN in our handbags.

So far, all this sounds like it’s a problem that only affects women. But if you think it’s just women who have to deal with chafing thighs then you’re wrong. Men may not wear skirts, but chafing thighs can be a problem when you’re running or jogging, too. And men suffer from it as well.

Sore, chafed thighs – what can you do?

If the worst has happened and the skin between your thighs is chafed and sore, just follow these tips:

  • To remove the sweat and any dirt from the chafed skin, clean the sore patches of skin using lukewarm water and dab gently.
  • To aid healing, you can then apply some ointment. This helps your skin regenerate.
  • Unfortunately, you will need to avoid dresses and skirts for a little while and opt for pants instead to avoid irritating the sore skin further. The more you protect the damaged skin, the sooner you can wear your favorite skirts and dresses again ?

We hope you make it through the summer without any chafing thighs, so you can get plenty of use out of those dresses and skirts. And remember, our pjuractive 2SKIN also helps with blisters on your feet. Rubbing is to blame again – between your shoes and your skin. Enjoy the summer, girls ?

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