Running…How To Harness Your Potential

Wie du dein volles Potential beim Laufen nutzen kannst

My watch beeps exactly as 8:00am hits. The timing is beautiful. Golden rays of morning sunshine stroke my face as I pass my running marker for the 12th time this month. Surf Studio Beach Resort sits in plain view as I peer out into the ocean, reveling in my accomplishment. The resort had forever seemed so distant from my house in Cocoa Beach that driving seemed the only feasible mode of transportation. Running has always been difficult and exhausting for me. Running ten miles in the sand, three times a week was more than difficult. In fact, it seemed impossible just a mere three months ago. As I sit down with my uncle at the resort for coffee, he smiled as I wipe the remaining sweat off my brow. My uncle states as he casually sips from his cup, “You look great! I’m both happy and surprised this triweekly coffee ritual actually came to fruition.”

There are several tips that can show how to provide a strong foundation to harness one’s running potential. Over time, you may wish to expand on these tips. That being said, these are some of the methods each and every one of us can immediately implement into our practices that can help to, not only harness, but also to unleash your potential. Use some of these techniques to achieve your personal best.

Personal Physiology

Often people give up too early to find out the best way to prepare their body for training. It is important to find out how each individual responds to physical activity in their own personal way. Each person has a different lung capacity, needs more or less sleep, strength capacity and so on. Find out how your own physiology works and use that to capitalize on your bodily potential. Use these personal physiological findings to develop a routine that works best for you. These are some of the things I noticed work best for me.

– Practicing early in the morning.
– Eat a light breakfast. I typically eat a banana.
– Drink a lot of water the night before.

Dedication and Belief

There will be challenges on your path to find out how to harness your goals. Some days you might not want to exert the physicality needed to run to your goals. Life can often intrude your sleep schedule and make you tired. There will always be new obstacles attempting to holster your potential. You must figure out how to push through these hindrances and stay dedicated to your running. Once you make an excuse even one time, it is much easier to find those excuses the next time you aren’t feeling up for your run. Set your standards early and do not back out of your running dedications. Your mental strength might often be the difference between your success and failure. Believing in yourself and positive reinforcement is often the x factor that pushes you through to the finish line.


A little motivation can work wonders both physically and psychologically for enhancing your potential. The fact that I rarely see my uncle and my undying love for coffee served as fuel that kept my running flame ignited when feeling as though I wanted to give up on my beach runs. Finding out how to motivate yourself is critical in order to harness your true running potential. What is something you love that can be used as a motivational reward when you reach your weekly goals?

These are a few motivational ideas:
– A nice meal.
– Get yourself a massage.
– Plan a night out with friends.
– Go see a new film in the theatre.
– Buy yourself a new piece of gear.


It doesn’t have to be professional level technique, but improving your technique can play a huge role in increasing stamina and hitting your targets. Try some of these simple techniques in order to make your runs more enjoyable.

– Relax your hands. Try to keep your hands loose, as they are often a source of wasted energy.
– Keep a consistent pace. Understand the pace that suits you and get in the zone.
– Run tall. Keep your body upright and your strides hitting under your torso.
– Perfect your feet to ground strike. The way your feet are placed should be flat and consistent.

Understanding your physiology, improving technique, knowing how to harness your motivations and extended dedication can foster the harnessing of your true potential. These are just a few of the resources you can use as a base to reach your physical goals. We all can use running as a healthy way to exercise as well as a tool for expression. Set personalized, obtainable goals and believe in your abilities. With these tips in mind, I hope that every single one of you is able to understand how to run to your own Surf Studio Beach Resort for coffee. Run like the wind.

How do you exploit your full potential? Help others to find their motivation to run, share it in the comments below.

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