PRESS: pjuractive at the Hill Runner 700 Challenge in Taiwan

[av_dropcap1]W[/av_dropcap1]asserbillig/Luxembourg, APRIL 2015. A special type of run took place over the weekend in the Xindian Districit of New Taipei City in Taiwan. Runners had to climb an entire 728 meters over a distance of 3.2 kilometers straight up hill. The spectacle is known as the “Hill Runner 700 Challenge” where numerous men and women took part. Before the run, all participants received samples of pjuractive 2SKIN, the amazing new product that protects against chafing and blistering.

pjuractive was perfect for this type of competition”, emphasizes Petr Novotny, the run’s organizer and owner of Taiwan Beast Runners. “These type of athletic events exposes the body to many type of strains including the formation of blisters and chafing especially on the feet and heels. I applied pjuractive to my toes through the competition after I felt some blistering. After application I was able to finish the uphill climb with no problems at all. My feet were completely comfortable and dry!” pjuractive 2SKIN was a real winner among all the participants at the Hill Runner 700 Challenge as well!

Petr Novotny got his first chance to try pjuractive 2SKIN during his amazing 100 kilometer run at the TransLantau Ultramarathon in Hong Kong and has been hooked ever sense!

The next event where you can find pjuractive 2SKIN is the AIDS Concern Foundation Run in Hong Kong and the Haspa Hamburg Marathon in Germany.

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