Profilbild Elmar Sprink

Elmar Sprink – heart transplant triathlete and IRONMAN finisher from Germany

“I received a heart transplant in 2012. With my new heart I have completed three IRONMANs, including the Hawaii course, the CAPE Epic in South Africa and the Transalpine-Run. Due to the numerous operations I have undergone, I have many scars on my upper body which caused a lot of friction against my chest strap. Thanks to 2skin this is no longer a problem, and I am able to take on new challenges such as the BIKE Transalp.”

Profilbild Cornelia Hilka

Cornelia Hilka – Marathon Runner and Organisator of the Charity Running Project Run & Help

"As an ambitious runner, 2skin is an absolute must-have for all of my races. My successful participation in the Frankfurt Marathon proved once again that chest strap chafing and blisters are a thing of the past."

Profilbild Elmar Sprink

Robby Clemens – Extreme Athlete & motivational trainer

"I am amazed. I was previously using wax and tallow – but they freeze at -30°C and go terribly lumpy, whereas the consistency of 2skin stays exactly as it should. It's the perfect product for my running!"

Profilbild Felix Mayerhöfer

Felix Mayerhöfer – marathon runner and world-record holder from Germany

"pjuractive 2skin is the product I’ve been looking for my whole life. Particularly in my successful world record attempt, in which I ran a marathon in a business suit in 2:42:59, 2skin was extremely helpful - I did not have a single sore or blister on my body! For other events I rely on 2skin as well. The fact that the product lets the skin breathe whilst also preventing chafing is brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone."

Profilbild Annie Weiss

Annie Weiss – Ultra-Endurance Athlete from USA

"I absolutely love using pjuractive 2skin in all my athletic events. I run ultra-distances and used to chafe on my bra-line and waist from my shorts; but not anymore since I started to use 2skin. It's soft on my skin, isn't sticky, and stays on for many hours at a time. I highly recommend it to any athlete!"

Profilbild Sebastian Apfelbacher

Sebastian Apfelbacher – Marathon- and Ultra Runner from Germany

"Every race is easier thanks to pjur active, and in extremely challenging races like Zugspitz Ultratrail, the support I get from pjur active 2skin is essential. Running for hours on end through the mountains in severe conditions, and encountering non-stop rain, mud, water and snow, places great demands on your endurance and willpower, and especially on your feet. To counteract all that, I used 2skin from pjur active: And I didn’t get any blisters or chafing, over the entire course – that’s quite amazing!"

Profilbild Baur-Brothers

Baur-Brothers – Ultra-runners from Germany

"Particularly for long courses of more than 30 km, 2skin from pjur active is an essential item for us. Simply apply to any areas where chafing might occur before your run and you're good to go. You will be carefree and able to concentrate all your energy on the route and the landscape, as nothing will be causing you pain in your shoes or under your clothes. Phenomenal! "

Profilbild Lesley Paterson

Lesley Paterson – Cross-Triathlon-Weltmeisterin and Xterra-Europameisterin from Scotland

"I use pjuractive religiously because its simply the best product to help with the awful chaffing you get when working out. In past years Ive been riddled with sores all over the place and every time I would step in the shower after a hard workout, Id be in terrible pain! Pjuractive is easy to use and nice on the skin and now its the one thing I keep in my sports bag at all times!"

Profilbild Chantal Blaak

Chantal Blaak – World Champion in Time Trial from the Niederlands

"pjuractive 2skin is extremely effective against chafing on long rides. You can really feel that it's a great product. I've never felt so comfortable on my racing bike!”

Dave Alley – Triple World Record Holder from Australia

"The product is really incredible! I have run 14,000 kilometers around Australia, this is the equivalent of 327 marathons over 175 days in the harshest environment in the world, with NO chafing at all – I never thought that this might be possible! A huge thanks to pjur active"