PRESS: Haspa Marathon: Olympic Qualification and a New Record with pjuractive 2SKIN

Wasserbillig/Luxembourg, APRIL 2016. The 31st Haspa Marathon Hamburg on Sunday once again attracted 23,000 runners and around 800,000 spectators. Just like last year, pjuractive supported the athletes with a sample of 2SKIN, a gel to prevent chafing and blistering.

The marathon was particularly thrilling thanks to the Olympic qualification of Anja Scherl and a new women’s record for the route. In the last five kilometers, Anja Scherl managed to climb from fifth place to third and qualified for the Olympic Marathon in Rio with a time of 2:27:50. In doing so, she beat the German Olympic qualification time of 2:30:30 by some margin and achieved the best result for a female German runner since 2009. Moreover, the Ethiopian Meselech Melkamu set a new course record for women of 2:21:54, beating the previous record by nearly two minutes. She won the marathon. Among the men, world number 1 Tesfaye Abera won with a time of 2:06:58. The fastest German was Julian Flügel in 21st place.

Sebastian Apfelbacher took part in the Haspa Marathon once again and put his trust in pjuractive 2SKIN. “It all went much better than I’d imagined, despite very little training – I really enjoyed Hamburg, it was fantastic once again. And thanks to pjuractive 2SKIN I finished without chafing and blistering.”

About pjuractive 2SKIN

pjuractive 2SKIN prevents chafing and blistering. It forms an invisible protective film on the skin. This protective film reinforces the cell structure of the skin and distributes the high pressure and stress of a marathon over a larger surface area. This reduces the occurring skin irritations. Unlike with other products, the skin stays breathable. pjuractive 2SKIN is dermatologically tested, free from skin impairing emulsifiers and is water- and sweat-resistant.

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