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New Anti-Chafing and Blistering Product delights Athletes and Dealers

Wasserbillig/Luxembourg, MARCH 2015. Everyone has experienced it: whether we’re running, cycling, swimming, skiing or hiking – our skin suffers. Where there is skin-to-skin or skin-to-clothing contact, chafing and blistering results. Thus for many years, not only high-performance athletes have been looking for a suitable product that offers protection from this.

pjur group from Luxembourg has developed and patented precisely that. The company specializes in producing and marketing high-quality personal lubricants and massage products and has stood for experience and expertise in the areas of skin protection and anti-friction since 1995.

After applying pjuractive 2SKIN on sensitive areas such as thighs, forearms, nipples, feet or hands, it immediately creates an invisible, protective layer on the skin. This reinforces the skin’s cell structure, and distributes the stress and pressure on the skin over a larger surface area. This increases protection against chafing, blistering or other unpleasant skin irritations. And unlike conventional creams and sticks, your skin remains breathable! The protective film can be individually reinforced by multiple applications. pjuractive 2SKIN has been dermatologically tested, is free of skin weakening emulsifiers and is water and sweat resistant.

The large-scale product launch has already begun in Australia and Asia. Athletes at the TransLantau Ultra Marathon in Hong Kong – one of the most well-known sporting events in Asia – received initial samples before the race. Many have already tested the product directly during the marathon and were thrilled: “I ran the 100 kilometer (62 mile) race. Halfway through the marathon, I felt blisters forming on my feet and had applied pjuractive 2SKIN. It really was the reason why I ran blister-free until the end! If I had not tried it, I would not have believed it,” said Petr from the Czech Republic.

In Australia, the product had been exhibited at two pharmaceutical trade shows and also found overwhelming popularity. The first sports retailers and drugstores have already added pjuractive 2SKIN to their product line-up. “It is a product that does not yet exist on the market in its form and the reactions in Australia and Asia are a testament to its spectacular effect,” said Alexander Giebel, CEO and founder of pjur group.

The European launch begins on March 29th at the Freiburg marathon, where 12,000 samples will be distributed to the runners. It will also be a green light for selling the innovative market novelty. pjuractive 2SKIN is available at, on popular online shopping sites, and increasingly in sports retailers. The product is available in many different packaging sizes for training, race days, handbags or as a refill pack.

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