PRESS: Freiburg Marathon: pjuractive a winner


pjuractive 2SKIN: Market innovation in preventing chafing and blistering in 12,000 starter bags

[av_dropcap1]W[/av_dropcap1]asserbillig/Luxembourg, APRIL 2015. After the successful launch in Asia and Australia, pjuractive 2SKIN is now also a winner in Europe at the Freiburg Marathon in southern Germany. The new product to prevent chafing and blistering was distributed in starter bags to the 12,000 marathon participants, with fantastic results. The runners – whether professionals or amateurs – were absolutely thrilled with the market innovation: “pjuractive 2SKIN is exactly what I’ve been looking for a long time. I’m going to try it right away during the run”, raved Jens from Koblenz.

Immediately after application on the thighs, forearms, nipples, feet or hands, the gel forms an invisible protective film on the skin. It reinforces the cell structure of the skin and distributes the high pressure and strain on the skin over larger areas. This increases the protection against chafing, blisters or other uncomfortable skin irritations. And: as opposed to regular creams and sticks, the skin can still breathe! pjuractive 2SKIN is dermatologically tested, free from devitalising skin emulsifiers, and is water and sweat resistant.

Numerous spectators acclaimed the event in Freiburg, which was not just a success for pjur. Marathon winner Lukas covered the 42.195 kilometers in 2:28 hours – and who knows, perhaps it was also due to the support of pjuractive 2SKIN.

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