PRESS: Dave Alley Sets World Record: 10,000 Kilometres in 127 Days, 10 hours and 51 minutes

The record-breaking runner has now completed three quarters of his stretch around Australia with pjuractive.

Wasserbillig/Luxembourg, August 2015. Dave Alley has now been travelling on foot since 19. April 2015. His goal? To run around Australia: almost 14,000 kilometres. He has now broken his first world record – he is the fastest person ever to reach 10,000 kilometres!

Australian Pat Farmer covered the same distance in 129 days in 1999. Dave Alley took almost two fewer days to break the record.

Dave Alley is being supported in his run by pjuractive, the innovative gel for protection from chafing sores and blisters. “I am still excited about pjuractive 2SKIN. The product is fantastic and I thank you all for the support” said the extreme sports athlete.

He must complete 13,383km in less than 174 days in order to enter the history books as the fastest runner ever to circle Australia. Dave hopes to raise $100,000 in donations with his unique run for the White Cloud Foundation (WCF), which works towards early intervention in depression.

For more information about Dave’s Race Around Australia II and to make a donation visit

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