PRESS: Robby Clemens crosses Greenland

Wasserbillig/Luxembourg, June 2017. pjuractive brand ambassador Robby Clemens has now left Greenland behind as he continues his journey from pole to pole on foot. Having covered more than 500 kilometers as he travelled from the country’s west coast to its eastern shores – battling through cold, storms and ever-changing weather conditions at sub-zero temperatures – Robby arrived in Tasiilaq, a small town with just 2,000 inhabitants. “I always said this would be the toughest leg of the trip,” says Robby. “Every day has pushed me to my limits. I climbed to 2,500 meters, and with 90 kilos of luggage on the pulk. Everything hurts. But I’m just happy I made it! And thanks to 2SKIN, I don’t even have any sores!”

Even the extreme athlete himself was surprised to find that the product worked perfectly in these adverse conditions. “I had already tested the gel out in a cold storage room beforehand, but that was completely different. I’m really glad to have pjuractive by my side as a partner.”

His journey through Greenland’s ice desert saw Germany’s answer to Forrest Gump crossing glaciers and ice streams and even discovering polar bear tracks. “That was truly awesome, because it was a reminder that we weren’t alone out there. Even so, we coped with it all,” says Robby.

Next stop is Montreal, Canada, where he starts the next leg of his trip. From there, he will travel through North America, with stars including Tom Hanks and Pink joining him for part of his journey.

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