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Can I apply pjuractive 2SKIN to all areas of skin?

2SKIN can be used on all areas of skin. After all, depending on physical activity and the sensitivity of the skin, every individual can suffer chafing and blistering on different parts of the body.

Does pjuractive 2SKIN leave behind marks?

2SKIN does not normally leave any marks on clothing. But if this does happen, the marks can be removed using a normal detergent.

How long do I have to wait to get dressed after applying 2SKIN?

The gel doesn't need any time to dry and spreads quickly on skin. It creates a protective film as soon as you apply it and you can immediately put on your shoes and/or clothes.

Is 2SKIN more effective if applied repeatedly?

The protective film and the performance of 2SKIN can be reinforced by applying it several times, according to individual needs and requirements.

What happens if 2SKIN comes into contact with open skin/an open wound?

Essentially, nothing will happen in this situation as the ingredients of pjuractive 2SKIN cannot get into the body through the wound. This is prevented by the body‘s natural and constant water transport from inside to outside through the skin. In addition, only a water-soluble formula can get into the body, e.g. through wounds, but pjuractive 2SKIN is not water-soluble.

Is one application of pjuractive 2SKIN enough?

One application of 2SKIN to the relevant areas of skin is normally sufficient. A single application guarantees the desired protection. However, the protective film can be reinforced by multiple applications of 2skin. For long distances or long training sessions, we at pjuractive would definitely recommend multiple applications of 2SKIN .

How do I remove 2SKIN again after use?

Generally, there is no need to wash off 2SKIN. However, if you do need to be remove it, this can easily be done using soap or shampoo.

Does pjuractive 2SKIN extend the protection of sun cream?

Unfortunately we do not have access to reliable test data for this. Therefore, we are unable to confirm whether 2SKIN can extend the protection of sun cream.

Is pjuractive 2SKIN suitable for use as a sunblock?

2SKIN cannot be used as sunblock. It offers no protection against UV rays.

Is 2SKIN water-resistant?

Yes, 2SKIN works in water and is not washed away.

How should I apply 2SKIN if the skin is going to be under heavy pressure?

If the affected parts of the body are under immense strain, for example due to long distance, we recommend either applying 2SKIN several times at the beginning to reinforce the protective film, or repeating the application during the activity.

Can you get 2SKIN out of clothing after use? Even cotton and sensitive clothing fabrics?

2SKIN doesn‘t leave behind marks. If 2SKIN leaves any residue on clothing, it can be washed out using normal detergent.

Can pjuractive 2SKIN also help if I already have skin irritation or blisters?

2SKIN is designed for prevention during training or competition. It does not help to soothe existing blisters or skin irritation.

How do you get the product off the hands/skin again?

The best way to remove 2SKIN from your hands is with soap. If you are outside, wiping them on a cloth also works. Make sure that you wipe it off well so that your hands are not slippery.

Is it compatible with a wetsuit or neoprene clothing?

pjuractive 2SKIN is safe to use with functional sports clothing and wetsuits. It can be used with no worries.

Can pjuractive 2SKIN be applied to inflamed areas of skin?

2SKIN is designed to prevent soreness and blisters. Inflamed areas of skin should therefore be allowed to heal first before 2SKIN is used for prevention.

What is the ideal amount of 2SKIN to use? How do I know whether I have applied enough?

It is difficult to state an optimum application amount as the required amount depends on the individual‘s skin condition and structure. A drop of pjuractive 2SKIN is definitely sufficient for a small area of skin. The larger the area to be protected, the more 2SKIN is necessary. The condition of the skin also plays a role. More 2SKIN has to be used on dry skin. The amount required may also increase with oily skin. It is also difficult to say when a sufficient amount of 2SKIN has been applied, as this depends on the individual‘s skin type and the area of skin where it is to be rubbed in. We therefore recommend trying out different amounts.

Can I also use 2SKIN for everyday activities?

2SKIN is specifically designed for activities such as sport, which place a high level of strain on the skin. It delivers maximum protection for skin subject to extreme conditions. Of course, this means that 2SKIN can also be used for less strenuous everyday activities that do not put the body under as much strain. However, we also offer an alternative product for this: mySKIN. This also creates an invisible protective film that provides optimum protection against everyday stresses on the skin. What's more, it cares for the skin as it contains argan oil and vitamin E, both of which are packed full of nourishing properties. So it's your choice!

Does the product dissolve when used? If so, why?

2SKIN does not dissolve when used. It binds to the upper layer of skin, the epidermis, and then simply evaporates after a certain amount of time.

What happens if you get 2SKIN in the eyes? What should I do?

If you get 2SKIN in your eye, you should first rinse out the eye with clean water that is not too cold. You should then seek medical attention as a precaution.

What happens if you drink 2SKIN ? Is it toxic?

pjuractive 2SKIN is not toxic. However, drinking 2SKIN may result in diarrhea.

Can 2SKIN get into the bloodstream?

When used externally on the skin, 2SKIN cannot get into the bloodstream. There is no risk at all.

Is it harmful for animals to drink 2skin?

We make it very clear that pjuractive 2skin is not meant for consumption. In general, there is no risk if 2skin is ingested, however, this does depend on the amount that has been swallowed. If a small amount has been consumed, it is safe to assume that it will not do any harm. As a precaution, however, we recommend that you consult a vet if the animal in question has a sensitive digestive tract.

Is it harmful if your pet's skin/coat comes into contact with 2SKIN?

Once again, if 2SKIN is used in a normal way (e.g. the user applies it to their hands to prevent blisters and then strokes the animal's fur) this should not cause any damage to the animal's coat. If larger amounts of the liquid come directly into contact with an animal's coat, this could cause the hair/fur to "harden". 2SKIN is just as harmless to animal skin as it is to human skin.

Does 2SKIN stay smooth at any temperature?

pjuractive 2SKIN offers effective protection between -30C° and +60C° against blisters and chafing, because the composition of the formula remains stable and doesn’t change under extreme external or temperature conditions.

How does 2SKIN work?

Applying the gel integrates the upper skin layer, forming a non pore blocking lubricating and protective film. This strengthens the cellular structure of the skin and distributes the pressure over a wider surface area. As a result, it prevents chafing and blistering.

Can I apply pjuractive 2SKIN under my chest strap?

2SKIN can be applied under chest straps to prevent chafing. This should not affect the chest strap's general performance. Chest straps are used during training sessions to measure heart rate. In order to do this, the chest strap has to come into direct contact with the skin. This means that the sensors of the chest strap have to be dampened with water to boost conduction/data transfer. pjuractive 2SKIN may be all you need to ensure the conduction/data transfer required. However, this may vary depending on the chest strap and a test should be done beforehand.

Does 2SKIN decompose if it is spilt in the natural environment?

Some of the contents and active ingredients of 2skin evaporate and those that do not evaporate are gradually decomposed. They do not remain in the environment.