“There’s more to the sport than just fun and games” – record runner Sabrina Mockenhaupt in an interview with pjuractive

Our pjuractive 2SKIN brand ambassador Sabrina Mockenhaupt is going through what would be a challenging time for any athlete. A fracture in her pelvic bone shattered her dreams of competing in the Rio Olympics – situations like these are when athletes show what they are truly made of. Mocki is a shining example of resilience: never giving up and constantly setting new goals for herself. pjuractive asked Mocki how she stays motivated, how much she is looking forward to her next run and if she has a few tips for the runners among us.

  1. pjuractive: How are you doing at the moment? Has your injury healed?

Mocki: Under the circumstances , I’m doing quite well. I’m just coming out of a period of over 12 weeks without running, which was pretty hard for me. But I had to let my body rest and completely regenerate. The most important thing was to lay the groundwork for the years ahead. In my 20 year career, I have never experienced such a devastating injury. All of this is completely new to me, but I always try to look on the bright side of things and not let it get me down. I know for a fact that this difficult time has made me stronger.

  1. pjuractive: How do you find the motivation to keep going, especially after such a setback?

Mocki: I love what I do. I love running and competing. But there’s more to the sport than just fun and games. You have to fight, especially after a setback. It’s important to not get too wound up and just continue working on yourself. What keeps me going every day is the will to constantly improve and achieve my goals.  

  1. pjuractive: What do you love the most about running?

Mocki: Running is my life! My first and last thoughts of every day are always about running. I can push my body to its limits and sometimes even exceed my limits. I can compete anywhere and anytime. The best thing is when you just run and enjoy nature; when you don’t even realize you are exerting yourself. 

  1. pjuractive: On October 2 you want to participate in the half marathon in Cologne again. How much are you looking forward to it?

Mocki: Unfortunately, I can’t participate in the half marathon in Cologne after all. It was planned, but everything has to be alright before I start running again. Instead of running myself, I am supporting Andreas von Thien and all the other runners. I can hardly wait to start running again at the end of October

  1. pjuractive: How often are you training during the week at the moment?

Mocki: Honestly… a pelvic injury is not something to be taken lightly. In the last 10 weeks I have done practically nothing, which has done me an incredible amount of good. I kept hoping to be able to start training again, but I was disappointed every time. At some point I decided to just stop, do nothing and enjoy the summer. And now I feel the benefits. At the moment, I’m training twice a day, switching between cycling sessions, strength training, yoga and aqua jogging.

  1. pjuractive: Do you have any special training tips for the runners among us?

Mocki: Yes, it’s important to listen to your body. If you haven’t been out running for a while, it doesn’t make sense to just go out and run 20 or 25 km straight away. Especially since this kind of effort and strain can often lead to side effects such as chafing or blistering. This can often rob you of your motivation, although 2SKIN is an amazing product for exactly these problems. Always set your sights small at first, slowly increase your goals over time and test your performance level occasionally by easing into competition.

  1. pjuractive: Will you participate in any other events this year?

Mocki: I will certainly take part in a few smaller competitions so I can continue monitoring myself and the progress I have made in my performance. But the biggest and most important events for me will come next year.

  1. pjuractive: What are your plans for next year? Have you set yourself any goals like Rio for the future?

Mocki: The Olympic games are the ultimate challenge for any athlete. But it doesn’t do any good to keep agonizing about it. That’s why I’m looking forward to the next two years. In 2017, my plans are to run a good and fast half marathon in the spring and then a full marathon in the fall. I’m still deeply committed to beating my best record times. But I will try to go into the marathon without putting any pressure on myself and will try to have fun – although a marathon is never really any fun after the 30th kilometer. The major goal is the European Athletics Championships in Berlin in 2018! Taking part in such a huge event in your own country is always something extraordinary.

  1. pjuractive: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Mocki: Yes, absolutely! I want to thank all of the people, my fans and my partners for the support they have given me over the last few weeks. And I’d also like to say that I am looking forward to competing more and more often in the future for the top spots and fastest times. That is exactly what I need!

pjuractive wishes Mocki the best of luck for her comeback 🙂

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