PRESS: Dave Alley has 6,000 kilometres behind him

With the help from pjuractive, the record-breaking runner has almost reached the halfway point of his epic run around Australia

Wasserbillig/Luxembourg, JULY 2015. Dave Alley has run over 6000km since leaving Lismore, NSW, Australia on 19 April 2015. He has now crossed through northern Australia from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean.

Dave, supported by the Race Around Australia 2 (RAA2) crew, are aiming to raise $100,000 for the White Cloud Foundation (WCF). The WCF are an organisation dedicated to the early intervention of depression and anxiety. They are establishing specialist clinics across Australia to support people and their families suffering from this horrible illness. So far our fundraising has climbed just above $20,000.

Dave is also attempting to become the fastest person to run around Australia, after becoming the fastest to do so on a bicycle in 2011. If he completes the almost 14,000km journey, he will be the first person to have ever both cycled and run around this massive country. Dave needs to complete 13,383km in 174 days at an average of better than 76.91km per day. His daily average is currently 79.54km per day.

To complete an event of this magnitude, Dave’s body needs careful, intensive and ongoing maintenance. Chafing is potentially a massive issue. “Thank goodness me and pjuractive came to meet each other”, the record runner says. After almost 80 days on the road, Dave has incredibly not had any single chafing issue: “Almost three months, nearly 80km per day, upwards of 12 hours of moving each and every day: No chafing whatsoever. We could not possible be any happier with this amazing product. pjuractive has gone a long, long way to ensuring the success of RAA2 so far, with me and the crew having every confidence it will allow me to complete this monstrous task with not one hint of chafing.”

Here’s Dave’s new video:

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