Jan Frodeno, Olympic Champion and IRONMAN World Champion

In the past, I often had problems with sores and blisters. But thanks to 2skin I no longer experience chafing, even during long open water swimming sessions or after endless miles of cycling and jogging.

Sabrina Mockenhaupt, 40-time German Champion and Olympic Athlete

slider-mockiRunning is my great passion. But it’s rare for me to come home without blisters on my toes or chafed spots on my chest. Unless I use pjuractive 2skin, that is. It doesn’t clog pores and lasts even over long routes. It doesn’t wear off even in the rain or while sweating. Simply apply to your toes, feet, thighs or wherever else you have problems before your run and you’re off. 2skin has really made training and competitions easier for me. I am delighted to be a partner of pjuractive and can only recommend the product to everyone!

Robby Clemens - Run for your Dreams

Robby Clemens is an extreme sportsman and motivational coach – now, that is. Earlier in his life he was overweight and addicted to alcohol and nicotine. Just before he passed the point of no return, he took up running. At first it was just a couple of kilometers; he then went on to complete half marathons and marathons. In 2007 he ran over 13,262 kilometers in 311 days through 27 countries in four continents – once around the world. In April of this year he will begin his new adventure: from the North Pole to the South Pole on his own two feet.

Sebastian Apfelbacher, Marathon- and Ultra Runner: Every race is easier thanks to pjuractive, and in extremely challenging races like Zugspitz Ultratrail, the support I get from pjuractive 2skin is essential. Running for hours on end through the mountains in severe conditions, and encountering non-stop rain, mud, water and snow, places great demands on your endurance and willpower, and especially on your feet. To counteract all that, I used 2skin from pjuractive: And I didn’t get any blisters or chafing, over the entire course – that’s quite amazing!

Simon, Australian Duathlete Representative: I’ve used pjuractive on multiple runs now and applied on inner thigh and lats/upper arm. I have to say it’s like nothing else I have used in a couple of decades of multisport and distance running up to a marathon distance. Previously I’ve used Bodyglide or just plain Vaseline and it’s superior for both.  It’s easy to apply with no residue or odour, and it seems to ‘activate’ as you run, in other words, as the skin surfaces contact, it actually seems to make it more effective. I would have no hesitation recommending to the other competitive endurance athletes.

Baur-Brothers, Ultra-runners: Particularly for long courses of more than 30 km, 2skin from pjuractive is an essential item for us. Simply apply to any areas where chafing might occur before your run and you’re good to go. You will be carefree and able to concentrate all your energy on the route and the landscape, as nothing will be causing you pain in your shoes or under your clothes. Phenomenal!

Dave Alley Triple World Record Holder: The product is really incredible! I have run 14,000 kilometers around Australia, this is the equivalent of 327 marathons over 175 days in the harshest environment in the world, with NO chafing at all – I never thought that this might be possible! A huge thanks to pjuractive”

Cornelia Hilka, Marathon Runner and Organisator of the Charity Running Project Run & Help: As an ambitious runner, 2skin is an absolute must-have for all of my races. My successful participation in the Frankfurt Marathon proved once again that chest strap chafing and blisters are a thing of the past.

If I had not tried it, I would not belive it. Petr Novotny from Czech Republic

Men’s Running Magazine UK: Actually feels like a second skin – it adhered and lasted brilliantly. Really impressed with the effectiveness!

Women’s Running Magazine UK: Great product. Stopped me rubbing in various areas and is really easy to apply.

Men’s Running Magazine UK: Didn’t leave a sticky residue as I feared and actually left my skin feeling smooth and chafe-free.