PRESS: A look ahead: the Zugspitz Ultratrail with the Baur Brothers


Wasserbillig/Luxembourg, JUNE 2016. Mark your calendars for June 17: 2,500 adventurers will once again make their way across the Alps – by foot! The entire event is called the Zugspitz Ultratrail (ZUT), which is composed of a number of routes from the Basetrail (24.9 kilometer, 1,595 meters elevation gain) up to the Ultratrail (101.6 km, 5,412 m EG).

Two pjuractive brand ambassadors will also be participating in the race: Matthias and Marcus Baur, known in running circles as the “Baur Brothers”, will be competing alongside top trail runners on Germany’s highest mountain again this year. Matthias is running the Supertrail (62.8 km, 2,923 m EG): “I ran my first ultratrail at the ZUT three years ago. It was such an amazing experience back then that it has since become a tradition. I return every year and try to improve my time from year to year. What I appreciate the most about the Supertrail route is the balanced variety it offers: Steep uphill passages, followed by technically challenging downhills and a few sections of flat forest paths for speed,” he explains.

His brother Marcus will tackle the Basetrail XL (39.3 km, 1,896 m EG) this year. “Strictly speaking, the Basetrail XL actually still ranks among the sprinting distances in the trail running world. My first competitive alpine trail experience was on this route in 2012. I am extremely excited about the new route starting from Ferchensee lake. The higher proportion of trails promises to be a lot of fun and will make the route even more versatile. The most incredible part for me is always the climb up to Kreuzeck. You can already hear the cow bells and whistles way down below. And once you get to the top, rows and rows of enthusiastic supporters are waiting to greet you, their cheers giving you the extra boost you need to make it all the way up to the AlpspiX platform,” raves Marcus.


According to Matthias, the “big reunion of the trail family” is yet another exciting aspect of the event for both of the brothers as well as the other participants. “Nearly all of the trail runners from Germany and the neighboring countries come together every year for the ZUT. You meet up with longtime friends and acquaintances and get to know some pretty cool new people. On top of all that, the excellent organization and outstanding program of events offered on these 3 days really make it into something very special.”

In addition, pjuractive will again be providing participants with free samples of 2skin to prevent chafing and blistering.
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